Top Picks – Spanish-Language Videos (Spain)

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Guide Picks – Top Spanish-Language Videos (Spain)
These are among the best or best-known films produced in or about Spain. If you’re interested in the viewing a film because you enjoy or are hoping to improve your Spanish, make certain you avoid buying a version that has been dubbed into English.
1) Flamenco
If you enjoy watching flamenco, this is the ultimate in films. There’s not much of a storyline, but the dancing is exquisite.
2) Todo sobre mi madre
At first watching, this Pedro Almodóvar seems like little more than an overblown soap opera. But the depth of the film becomes clearer on later reflection, making it clear why Almodóvar’s films are so highly acclaimed.
3) Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

There’s plenty of black humor in the Almoóvar film that is decidedly for adults only due to the subject material indicated in the title.
4) Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

An Oscar nomination for best foreign film in 1989 went to this screwball comedy about women and their problems with men.
5) Abre los ojos

One of Penélope Cruz’s best-known films, this has been made into an English-language Hollywood version in which Cruz plays her role in English this time and starring opposite Tom Cruise. The plot, full of twists, turns and surprises, explores the natures of perception and reality.
6) Jamón, jamón

This European hit features Penélope Cruz and others in love trianges and mischief among blue-collar workers of Spain.
7) Tango

Argentine/Spanish production tells the story or a tango artist who films a movie about the tango.


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