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Por y Para

Preposisiones Por – Para – chart with examples illustrating various meanings of Por – Para



Por y Para – provides examples to illustrate the use of por and para as well as several links to exercises.

Por verses Para – online exercise.

Por o Para Quiz – using por and para correctly in sentences.

Por and Para: A Quiz – twenty questions with possible answers por or para.

¿Por o para? – online exercise.

Ser y Estar

Ser and Estar (to be) – Business Spanish Tutorial – uses of Ser and Estar with examples and sound files for each of these.

Spanish Grammar: ser and estarpart onepart 2part 3part 4 – These pages discuss the uses of ser and estar.

Descriptions – using ser, estar, tener – brief explanations and exercise.

Ser and Estar – uses charts to illustrate the uses of ser and estar.

Ser or Estar, That Is the Question – discussion of the use of these two verbs in the present tense followed by an interactive quiz.

ser vs estar – an interactive grammar exercise. Select either ser or estar in each of 16 sentences and receive immediate online feedback to your answer.

Ser and Estar Tutorial – provides explanatory notes on the uses of ser and estar, charts with full conjugations of both, and a number of short interactive exercises.

Spanish Courses Santiago, Chile Exercises; Ser and Estar – Six interactive exercises focussing on ser and estar: fill in the blanks, choose the correct form of the two verbs, useser and estar in description of drawings.



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