Spanish Language Radio

Spanish-language programming can be found for almost any interest, and a complete list would be far too long to list here. Following, however, are some of the sites that have been recommended by readers of this site:

  • Batanga: You won’t find any classical music here (unless you count classic rock), but you’ll find just about every other style of music.
  • BBC Mundo: True, the BBC is well-known British news service. However, you’ll find quality programming in Spanish here.
  • Deutsche Welle: This German network offers streaming programming in nearly all the European language and then some. At the time of this writing, however, its Spanish-language programming is not available to U.S. listeners.
  • Ke Buena: Popular music from Acapulco, Mexico.
  • La100: Rock from Argentina.
  • Notes in Spanish: Tips about Spain, news, conversation and "all the cool words they never teach you in class."
  • M80 Radio: Classic rock from Madrid.
  • Mitre: Variety of programming from Argentina.
  • RAC105: International rock and pop from Spain. The home page is in Catalan, but if you’re adept at reading Spanish you can probably comprehend most of it.
  • Radio Belgrano: Self-described as the most popular radio, from Argentina.
  • Radio Bilingüe: Public radio-type programming from the United States.
  • Radio Ciudad: Talk from Argentina.
  • Radio Isla: Talk shows and more, from Puerto Rico.
  • Radio Jai: Catering to Argentina’s Jewish community with a mix of programming.
  • Radio Progreso: Music, news and a bit of propaganda from Cuba.
  • Radio Puerto Rico: Lots of news about the U.S. commonwealth.
  • RTVE: This network from Spain provides a choice of six channels streamed over the Internet.
  • Terra Radios: Talk, music and sports are featured on stations from Guatemala.
  • wwiTV: Click on the "Spain" link on the left side of the page for streaming television from Spain. Not all the stations provide a dependable connection.
  • Yahoo Launchcast: About a dozen music stations feature Spanish music of various genres including rock, rap, reggaeton, pop, tejano and jazz.


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